Friday, July 14, 2017

Beauty and the Beast {2017} A to I

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 I'm watching season 2 "Sabrina, teenage witch"
 I feel so lazy down today.
 The sun is warm and the sky is totally clear.
 I'm sneezing so much... weird.

Goody! There you here, one day more reading me. Thank you a lot. Because I must say several things from this movie today and they are not friendly. Yes, my review isn't it going to be nice. So, are you ready for reading another point of view? Because there are so many people with the same opinion, I think.

The movie has a good and fantastic moral which is finding the beauty within (or at least that was the message in the original 1991 which is based on a french story) I think you must know the plot of this movie, she is the most beautiful girl in her village and beast is punishment for to be thoughtless with an old woman who just wanted shelter by the bitter cold. Now, both of them will learn a valuable lesson. Belle will find the beauty within the beast and the beast will learn to love.

See? So beautiful. This is a perfect story for everyone and every child. Don't be so prejudge at the beginning and wait for knowing more about the people. Well, until this moment everything seems so perfect. Ok, now let's go for this horribleness movie. Yes, you are reading very well all of this. Goodness me! How the people just dare to compare this one with its original from 1991? I can't believe it, really, I can't. Ok, come on in if you want because I have nothing good for to say about this movie. Nothing. And this isn't my problem, I was getting ready for watching that movie, getting ready for enjoying, but this new age and its way to create modernity crossed my face one more time again. Because the things are living in the past can't stay like that when people pick up nowadays.

A) At the beginning, the storyteller is cold, almost without feelings for the story she is telling us. Her voice is so much noisy. The worst thing is she is been interrupted all time and with that, I think that isn't the very good way to tell a story. Do you remember that serious and surrounding voice from that man? stressing his words and giving goosebumps Because I do.

B) I'm going to tell you what was my first thinking when Belle sings at the first time: Foolishness.
I thought: There are things that are impossible to pick up from an animation movie at another with real people. So foolishness I had to stifle a laugh. Did I want this? No, of course, but I did.

C) This is a big production makes by rush. The movie gets speed minute after minute and that is one reflection the place where are living. A world makes by speed every day.It seems we can bore to death if the movie had a normal velocity. We are lost the capable of finding enjoy un long frames, fewer actions, and more conversations. Pity, because this means we won't enjoy classic and slowly movies anymore.

D) The most I was waiting for this movie was the scenes, decorations because of the rest of the film, the story I knew it. I was eager for watching the castle, the village, the woods. Ok, that was so much and I mean so excessively loaded. They have so many details my eyes were getting crazy, I didn't know what see because there were so many things. Sometimes you can get better results with fewer things.

E) Why Gaston seems so lame and LeFou his boss? Why is a fashion to create lame villain? Gaston always was a rude person, selfish, unkind, quite confidence and no one could take control over his. Now he takes advice from LeFou and hits old men... seriously?
What's the point from the Beast? aren't we supposed that the beast has to be scary? Well, I didn't see anything of it. Really! He seemed to hesitate from time to time, above all at the beginning. Oh, that is shameless, the version from 1991 didn't deserve this.
I just have no words for describing Belle, well, wait, just a few of them: Insipid, passionless, and I'm fed with the great topic about "The girls are warriors" Seriously, the feminism is murdering so many things nowadays. She has to do almost all the work, practically and that is wrong! Because this is a sharing lesson.

F) What happened with the music? Where is it when the moments need it? Where is that boost that all we need for feeling our tears or fears or whatever? Where? I wonder if it's shameless as well.

G) I'm going to explain to you what means "Filled out" into any movie. That means the story can continue without some scenes perfectly because those "filled out" don't impede the main story move forward. That's ok? Good! Because I'm going to show you to filled out. Did is really necessary talk about beast's mother and Belle's mother? No, it wasn't. Why? You can remove those stories and the story is totally capable of to advance without any problem, above all because no one makes any mention of it later, so, it was completely unnecessary.

H) Talk to how the camera can focus on irrelevant things when at the same time something relevant is happening. The end of the movie is coming and at last, we are going to see how the beast become human again and what happens in the middle of his transformation, when our eyes cannot even blink? The camera changes its focus and goes out for seeing the scene so far. Bravo! Because yes, there is something more important out the castle than the transformation in this very moment.

I) How is possible I could feel more magic in the Beauty and the Beast 1991 than the new one? I could feel more love, more good feelings, warmer. With a good screenplay full of moral value and a good message for child and adults. How is possible I could feel more love between characters make with animation more than these real people? I didn't see love.
 I had time to think while I watched the scenes and time to enjoy the moment. Now all I watched is a movie in a hurry, with strong effects, a heap of glitter (sometimes I feel like a moth pulls toward the brilliant lights) and empties messages.

That's all. Sorry about that, but this is that I really think.

Friday, July 7, 2017

God and the Sheep.

Often we can see in the Bible how God at being human like sheep. We can see, too, God attend us like a sheep. When you’re going to read the Bible, you have to see that old time and understand the thoughts when Jesus walked on the Earth. Working like shepherd was a common work. 

Why does Jesus compare us like a sheep?
a) The sheep are always defenseless against its depredators. 
You can see a dog and its sharp fang or an elephant fights with its trunk. You can see a hedgehog with sharp thorns or a bee with its sting. What happens with the sheep? Beee. The sheep bleats. We're born naked and we don't have any weapon in our bodies. 

b) The sheep are clumsy animals.
You can see by yourself how the being human stumbles on the same stone over and over. Making wrong decisions and it seems we like being in the middle of the troubles. 

c) The sheep are totally dependent animals.
The point is we don't know being alone. We always need someone by our side for protection. for love. We need feel safe and always are searching company. We love being with the others peoples.  
We are a slave of ours desires, we are always thinking about our wishes. I'd like a new car o to be a famous singer. The sheep are always depending on its owner. Whenever he goes, they go too. 

Now ¿what happens with a sheep without a shepherd? 
It will be naked without a weapon against an attack.
It will be clumsy on the road and fall on the sharp stones and have wounds.
It will be lost because it won't have anyone to follow a good path and in the end, the sheep will fall for the cliff.

What can a good shepherd do? Psalm 23

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures,he leads me beside quiet waters,he refreshes my soul.He guides me along the right pathsfor his name’s sake.Even though I walk through the darkest valley,I will fear no evil,for you are with me;your rod and your staff,they comfort me.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Partners in crime {BBC 2015}

 Sunny and clouds. Nice day.
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 Today I made a cheesecake of cookies.
 I'm very excited because of my new tablet 7"
 I'm happy.

Hello, everyone and very welcome to my home, I hope you are well and enjoy this day present of God. Today I'm going to tell you a few words about this series from BBC (How wonderful channel, I love it, but I'm still waiting for a series from Jane Austen "Persuasion" and "Mansfield Park" that is all)

I hope you have read although a few books by Agatha Christie, much better if those books are about Tommy and Tuppence because if that is that you already know these characters and the adventures. What happens with me? Happens that I read two or three books about Tommy and Tuppence but I just didn't read these adventures. Well, at least I read something about them, didn't I? Ok, let's go a little further.

They are 6 episodes and into them, there are 2 stories.
The first it's about since the first episode until the third. The secret adversary.

I don't like it. Sorry about that. At the beginning, all happens so fast and I certainly don't see enough reasons for make Tuppence so thoughtful. I think Tuppence has so much curiosity and it takes her further than the dangerous places. She is more worry about the case than her husband's live. Goodness! Take a breath and open your eyes, woman! Everything is a bit extreme.
By the other hand, the costumes and scenes are totally correct. It's into 50's.
This seems like another suspense movie, nothing more. Striking faces, dark places, murders on live... so creepy for me. No, I'm sorry but the first adventure wasn't made for me, plus it isn't a big deal.

The second story is since the fourth episode until the sixth, the end. N or M?

Well, we have a great difference. We don't have in London anymore, just 20 minutes or so at the beginning when London is wrapped in a dense fog and a pursuit from Tommy and Tuppence is happening, very interesting indeed, it remembered me Sherlock and his London wrapped in its thick, dense and mysterious fog. All seems more interesting when the fog is in the middle, don't you think so?
Ok, this second story goes to the beach and it'll be cold, gray and rainy. Beautiful day, isn't it?
In this adventure there is a different investigation than the first story, I think it was more intense and less violent, the scenes from the beach are as relaxing as strong and the scenes from the dock is so beautiful as well.
There is a love story and the final result is about the heart. So romantic.
This story has more investigation and fewer strikes.

Did you watch this series? Do you want to tell me your opinion about it?

Friday, June 23, 2017

Lizzie Bennet Diaries {Series on Youtube}

 I feel very energic today
 There are fleecy white clouds
 I enjoy so much my reading
 I'm listening "say the word" {Hillsong}
 I feel like to eat chocolate...

I've been thinking about the pleasure
a pair of fine eyes in te face of a pretty woman
can bestow

I’m very happy and satisfied, after watching some adaptations about “Pride and Prejudice” that I didn’t like, at last, I saw something good, obviously talking to myself, I don’t know your tastes. But at last, I found one Lizzie Bennet more elegant, without big insults, seeking the true love and speaking everything that comes up at her mind, smooth and sweet and funny. I don’t have to watch any obscenity or people drunk, neither rudeness manners nor sex everywhere. I know too many people like all these things, but that disgusting me and find out something like “Lizzie Bennet Diaries” it was wonderful -Miss Josephine acknowledge it.

Something good I saw in these vlogs, there are no restrictions when they speaking like in Regency era where everyone couldn’t speak straight because that was rude and unsuitable.
It was magnificent and really funny when Lizzie mocks to her mother in those sketches with her extreme obsession about how to married at her daughter with wealthy men. Sometimes Lizzie will make descriptions by sketches of her meeting with the others character and another time, those characters will be in the Vlog and tell us their stories.

If you know about the original story by Jane Austen you are going to recognize the situations and the characters. The meetings are different because we’re not in Regency era so Bingley won’t be found in a ball and George Wickham won’t be in a shop buying ribbons for Lydia. But it doesn’t matter, really! It seems perfect and so natural.

You’ll find this series on Youtube because Lizzie Bennet has a video blog and there she uses her time for de-stress and relief while she talks to her viewers about her problems and her events into her life. All this happen in 100 episodes, each one of 3 or 5 minutes, but I plunged myself into these episodes and inwardly I knew this was the better I had seen in too much time.

It began in 2012 and finished in 2013 and is absolutely perfect for me. Below each video, from Youtube, you can find more information about the people who will make everything.
It was a very pleasure and I'm ready for watching twice.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Nancy Drew #3: The Bungalow Mystery

 I have a little Sneeze.
 The sun is raising now.
 I'm reading: Death on the Nile {Agatha Christie}
 I'm listening: Prince of peace {Hillsong}
 I'm thinking about if cut my hair or not... is almost summer.

Nancy and Helen are saved by Laura Pendelton on Twin Lakes under a raging storm and Laura lead them until an isolated bungalow between tall trees. This bungalow will be the most perilous experience that Nancy will have, but with her fast thinking, Nancy will solve her problems.

This is the third book about Nancy Drew I read and I'm very happy. I enjoy this lecture even when the book is focused on children, well, I'm able to read and enjoy books, as focused on children as on adult, why not? Ok, go on..

It was amazing the beginning from this book, how the author describes such a storm. Beautiful and strong, I was tense and almost without breathing with every forked lightning and when you thought everything was lost, then appear a young lady for rescue Nancy and Helen. Helen, actually, is just in the beginning, later is gone and the weight of this story is over Nancy's shoulder. And what a huge weight! I was impressed how Nancy had to disclose her problem and the problem from her father because Mr. Drew asks Nancy for help with his own case and Nancy doesn't know to say no, so Nancy has two problems and she is so happy for that.

I cannot say anything else, the book is short and if I continue my description maybe I tell you everything and then, when can you go to read it by your own way?

Nancy Drew #3 The bungalow mystery (1930)
By Caroline Keene
Genre: Juvenile Literature
Page: 204

Friday, June 9, 2017

Sense and Sensibility 2008 BBC

 I'm so excited today for all my learnings.
The exciting makes me feel tired
 I'm re-watching this very series.
 The sky is totally clear, I can hardly see any cloud.
 I feel like some chocolates right now...
 Today in the church was inspirational.

If you want to know more about that I'm about to tell you now of this story, you can click here because I'm just to go to tell you a bit from the plot. I'm want to talk about this wonderful series from BBC because this is a jewel.

I always fall in love when I see those room full of candles (I wonder if in those places would have smoke enough for to cough every time)

What kind of boredom had the people for being all time talking about to find husbands for young girls?
The job of cousin's Mary from Devonshire and his mother-in-law Mrs. Jennings working in such a thing with Marianne and Elinor and speaking of Mrs. Jennings, she is Queene from Lark Rise to Candleford, by the way.

I love the feeling in my chest something like to stifle a laugh when they are making dishes or cut the meal and someone knock the door and the four women start to prepare the place as if they had done all day reading and sewing like a real ladies. (And they are, and the men know all that but are funnier if all they pretend that nothing of it happens)

The difference between these two young sisters is disclosing after the first episode. You can see the first one like an introduction and when you open the second episode you'll see a big difference between them. Elinor copies the same manners like the others, like a good lady but Marianne thinks, "why have I conceal my feelings when they are good? I don't mind that the people say about me, I am not doing anything wrong" Elinor hides her feelings so much and Marianne shows them enough because she hates these stupid conventions. However, the problem of her is that she have to live with all of them and all these things will be present until the lasts events where each sister will learn her lesson.

Rose Rusell from Pinterest

I'd like to tell you more about the clothing and dresses but, currently, I'm searching more information for making another article because they are so beautiful. I can see how everybody seems comfortable with their clothes. I liked it its colors and styles. They seem soft and easier to wear than the seem. I love wearing bonnets, but the sad true is I don't wear it. Never. I guess my little shyness is a burden from time to time. Well, it's nothing I can speak of.

What a wonderful and gorgeous scenes. They are beside the sea and you can hear the crane, the waves in the night for you better sleeping (if you can sleep with such a sound) and the view makes me think, always. The meadow stretched forward, the wind doesn't stop of blowing, there is a litter waterfall and it seems a perfect place for a walk, read, and hide from the world. I would do it, sure. You have peace, quite silent, time to speak and listen. Beautiful place, even the small cottage matches with everything there. You won't have any building in front of this cottage that impedes you to see the sun in the mornings and the moon in the nights. Excellent, because I'm a lover of the stars. Where have I to sign?
For the other hand, you aren't going to see only grass and clear sky, the London season is about to star and you'll see London, as well, and its luxury houses as well as its balls and dinners with important, rich people who don't notice anything with less money than theirs.

I wish I was a man. Girls can never do anything.
Men can ride about the country and do things.
And girls just sit and wait for things to happen.

...::Lovely young Meg, clever girl at her age::... 

This nature is seems connected with Elinor who appears to search places where hide her feelings desperately. She is the only one living the real life and you'll see to her with her apron going one place and another cleaning, thinking, and clinging to anything for surviving in her new world, luckily, they have such a thoughtful neighbor who doesn't them to much time for thinking about her problems, moreover, this person lets them more troubles.

Ok! I could tell you so mucho things, but then you won't see this splendid series for your own. I won't go more straight.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Between God and I (2)

 I love singing to God and there’s no other place where I could sing in such way of passion and enjoy as when I’m in front of Him.
 I love playing guitar in intimacy with Him.
 I love talking to Him and to feel as God take me and remove all my contents of dirt for later to pour all His beautiful things into me. 
 I love reading His words and try to know about Him. It makes me think about Him.
 I love seeing my sisters and brothers. They make me happy and I like seeing them how God proceed in their lives.
 I love writing about God. My heart is poured over the sheet.
 I love talking about God. I’d take hours talking about Him.
 I love listening to the good things from my “family”. What kind of things God made in their lives every day.
 I love to behold the life through God.
 I love being a servant of God without being a slave.

 I love being Christian. 

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