Friday, January 12, 2018

Faith (The Great Doctor)

 I have been told that “Don’t let anger control you” and “Don’t sin by letting anger control you” Gosh… it’s a difficult matter, indeed. “Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry” I believe, indeed, in those words because it encourages my life and I want to embrace them, take them tightly. I want to believe with all my heart because I don’t want to go on in this day feeding and harbouring that rotten feeling anymore.

~Ephesians 4:26~

Well, it's not my first time watching a K-drama, but it's have been a long time since the last one, so I inaugurate this blog with a new tag and I have to take up again this topic that I love.

It's still sounding the first chord from Carry on while I close my eyes and remember the last episode over and over. It's wrapping me up so warm with a happy feeling after watching the whole drama. It's the second time I watch it and it seems that time it was much better than the first time, too much better. It touched my heart and soared my soul beyond this dark world. The true love can be cooked over a shimmer.

What can I say about the music? It’s special, it can wrap you up and get warm. It’s sentimental, happy and sometimes strong and wild. Sometimes is traditional and other is modern. It’s half orchestral instrumental filled with string instruments and the other half is sung. I think I loved the orchestral instrumental the most. It can fill my eyes with tears, makes me smile or feel strong. It helps me to recall the pictures from the drama, it can hug my heart and make me dance with closed eyes. The special songs with orchestral instruments and a choir singing on the backgrounds, that was a strong song! I am a Woodalchi. First, men choir and then women join in, later all together. Wow, it set me on fire. I feel I can fight everything. It seems that the sad songs are very sad and the happy ones are very happyThe sung songs distract me and make me focus on singing instead of to imagine. all these songs are too much great to be just a k-drama. I realize that they worked so hard on it.

Faith has magic. It has magic in too many ways. The love they show us is very difficult to see nowadays. It’s that kind of love as when you are watering your favourite flower, every day just a bit of water every single day and they are, every step they do is magical until see the covet kiss, their first hug, the way he takes her hand… So slowly, tying knots in my stomach with giggles. I love that feeling of waiting. 
It has magic the way they move us to a historical drama watching their costumes. I don’t know how was Korea about, but I felt there with those heavy hairstyles, those choreographies with swords are impressive, the characters seemed like cartoons from animes. The leader himself seemed plucked from an anime. I’ve read tons of historical romantics books and I enjoyed the sword battles the most, so it gained points to me. I realize the worked very well with those choreographies, it was so incredible and credible at the same time.
Faith has magic taking some time to record in a relaxed way with beautiful or tense scenes. It has time to show us the feeling between two characters whether they are getting closer or whether they are fighting. There’s no hurry, maybe the leader has to go to an important fight, but he has a long time to take his clothes, or cast a sweet scolding. Maybe the King is nervous because the problems are bigger than himself, but if the Queen entres to scene, the time stops. It takes time to laugh, it takes time to take some rest on the road. There’s no hurry. 

Speaking of leader, Faith has great warriors. They are Wu Dal Chi and they are the King’s private guard because they are the best for saving King’s and Queen’s life. But among them stay the leader, Choi Young (Lee Min Ho). He is the best, to begin with. Maybe he appears young to you, but there’s no doubt after the first episode that he’s not untrained or inexpert. He knows very well everything he’s doing. He has a dark past that drag with him, sadly. He has to fight with his past and present situations. He has to deal with a King that doesn’t want to get rid of him and solve the new Queen’s situation who is about to die because she got hurt. 
I saw Lee Min Ho in Personal Taste, but it was 4 years ago and I don’t remember him so I can say nothing bad. As Choi Young he was perfect, I loved too much his clothes, throughout the episodes, he was better and better. He fits very well as Choi Young, his hairstyle seems, maybe, a bit tousled even when you see his hair tied up, but later he got a better hairstyle. He’s tall and his clothes make him taller and svelte, more handsome than he is. Choi Young is the best King’s guard and he couldn’t live without him, Choi Young is always protecting him, he does that even with his life if it’s necessary. 

Faith has a Great Doctor. She is Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun) and she is a doctor of surgeon plastic. Yoo Eun Soo was busy at a meeting when she was kidnapped by Choi Young. He needed someone to cure the Queen before she could die and who knows, maybe they were simply meant to be. Yoo Eun Soo, when she accepts the situation is a smiling woman that has “bad manners” with the King and the Wu Dal Chi’s leader, but that’s because she didn’t ever treat a royal family before and because, in the beginning, she thought that it was a dream. Throughout the episodes, she calms down her “bad manners” except with Choi Young who is treating like a friend, but that is something that just Yoo Eun Soo can do with him. Choi Young is fascinated by this new woman, he’s not used to being treated like that way and he lets himself be fooled by her. Cute ~

Faith has a Queen and a King and they are so cute. I remember the first time I saw Faith and they were who I loved the most. They have a really cute conflict between them but there are looks that cannot be hidden. As the light can’t be confined,  love can’t either.

There’re more characters that captived my heart, except the villain and that means they were a good job, but I’m not going to tell you more about them because each of them has a role to develop here and each of them has importance in Faith.  

The two last episodes remain in my mind as a long dream which I don’t want to wake up. Those two tense hours squeezing His hand with eyes filled with tears waiting, waiting for the big final moment when I had to loosen my held breath. It was like breathing roses. It was a liberating feeling of freedom. It was a wonderful final result. It was a k-drama that makes me think about how could I connect all pieces, it was dragging me since the beginning. Before stay beside their suffering, watching people die, loving ones sometimes. Before staring those battles with enthusiasm and behold a true love growing step by step delightfully, now I can say happily it was a great and recommendable k-drama.
It's no easy to watch a K-drama that is not translated so you can see better those characters and scenes, you have to read too many subtitles if you want to enter into this new world (or you can learn Korean, instead). In my case, I have read the subtitles and enjoy again and again with every episode. How much I love those guys? I don't even know! but I love seeing them, I have seen about 25 dramas (J-dramas, T-dramas, K-dramas) and I don't get tired yet and I hope that day never comes. There’s a connection between Oriental country and me, between their way to do their things and me, between the way they think and me, between… I don’t even know, but when I see a K-drama and I’m the happiest woman that ever existed.

It’s always a pleasure watching a k-drama, no complain. This time I enjoy more, maybe because I grew up a bit more, maybe because I was in good company. The important thing is a had a great time rewatching Faith, it touched my heart again, it makes me smile, the way that they act it makes me laugh, their way to create humour it’s different and sometimes it surprises me a lot when I burst to laugh because I didn’t see come that. They are big and pleasurable feelings without names because there’s art that they have no names and because of that, there are feelings that are not to put in words. There are feelings that are just for feeling and that is what k-dramas give me, a treasure trove of feelings without names but they can touch me as nothing touch me in the same way.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Stranded In Paradise ~Hallmark~

 The good weather is coming (storms, cloudy days, cold...)
 Learning about more healthy food
 Watching: Sabrina teenage witch 6 season
 I'm positive to my life.

I’m getting fond of these Hallmark movies. Why? Well, why not? They are simple, have very happy endings I love the love and I get fun. So, why wouldn’t watch these fantastic movies? Above all, most of them are on YouTube for the free watching and for people like me that we don’t have that channel on TV, it’s the most wonderful thing.

Tess Nelson is a poised and confident human resources executive who gets fired. She doesn’t  let down her demanding mother, so she gets a trip to Puerto Rico as the last attempt to get back her job. Tess lose her luggage, the hotel is a total disaster and she is over and over running into the same man. 

So! It seems no matter how Tess makes her things, that man is always on her way but you know that is something that is going to happen sooner o later on this kind of movies. I love that.
This movie has humour, the poor Tess Nelson seems unable to do something well, the airport loses her luggage, she lets her phone far away in the cab, the hotel is a total disaster and a horrible hurricane is about to arrive at Puerto Rico. At top of this, her mother is very tight with her and the last thing Tess wants is to let her mother down and to listens to her over and over. All seems to be a problem around Tess, but! and this is a big "but" Carter seems to be always behind her, taking care of her, giving her good pieces of advice. He is a pretty handsome guy, I don't know if you watched Desperate Housewives but James Denton was there. So cute, I remember him on the last season with Susan.

Well, I think I couldn't tell you more than I wrote here. So, what are you waiting for? Come on!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Welcome to 2018

From Pinterest
The last year is gone and this new year introduces itself like a white panel in front of us, all prepared for being drawn for our future deeds. The race is ready and there we're, breathing with eyes closed, thinking about all of those things that we are going through even when we don't know anything about them.

Let me reckon the last year. No doubt it was hard but unforgotten, too. It was special because it's been a long time ago since the last time we have vacation days. I was told that the marriage gets down after 10 years, I just can tell you it's a big a painful lie that maybe, I hope not too many people believe, because they can start their matrimony thinking about "what will happen after 10 years? Will it be true? I wouldn't like falling in love with another person" It's up to you. For me, I'm just like the same day I got married. I'm in love and this year to my marriage was like magic.

It was special I could see my family twice. 2017 started to me having my parents separated after 5 years getting divorced, 2017 finish bringing to me two big friends, maybe they are not in love, but we could gather the five of us round to the same table and talk, laugh and taking pictures. What more could I wish for?

A big and important surgery we lived this summer, it was a successful surgery, thank God and even the whole thing leads us to a rotten path later, we're happy because the family is still complete.On the other hand, we could celebrate our first year leaving behind another big surgery. You cannot give up ever, you don't know about the future, no one does, so don't quit your fighting. Keep yourself searching those people who inspire you to do beautiful things and try your best to stay far far away from whom want to gossip and criticize all time, because if you feed that feeling, it will become a block water inside you and it will take a short time to get a rotten and smelly water and it consumed you. Control your temper, count to one hundred and breath. Keep your faith higher and don't lose the hope.

I keep myself learning everyday a little more about the languages I love, about how to live better, searching every single day different ways to get closer to the light and don't lose myself while I'm learning other things. Doing my best broadcasting to everyone how to do the right things even when it hurts because doing the bad ones are easier to us.

This last year I didn't lose any friend, I gain a few more in and out of my country and how wonderful is meet these persons who teach me new things I never heard here before. Friends to share thoughts, cultures, languages and learn from each other.

What I wish for this new year? My biggest wish is to continue learning about God because with him, I get everything I want. E-V-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. I won't complain while I'm with him. He'll teach me how to make the right decisions, which path I have to choose and how to be a better person even when people judge me, they will not judge me, but you.

May the God be with us because each year is more difficult than the last we left behind. 

I pray for loving my family more.
I pray for not being alone.
I pray for being more obedient.
I pray for being a good testimony.
I pray for being a better wife, a better, sister, a better, daughter, a better friend.
I pray for Jerusalem.

Friday, December 15, 2017

The gift of living

 Christmas is just around the corner.
Brace yourself, Miss Josephine.
 Reading: I'm trying to finish "Winter" since September
 Listening: Set me free [Casting Crowns]
 Watching: Hallmark Christmas movies.

Recently I was talking with a good friend, her way of living let me think for a long time. I was a bunch of feelings and I wanted to put them in an order so I needed to think about it.  I was happy, sad, angry, disappointed, ashamed and too many feelings more that I couldn't put a name. I needed to talk with God first and my head was steamed already. At the end, I finished feeling a bit more miserable than another feeling.

My friend has chronic leukaemia for 16 years and she decided that wouldn't give her life up and she would arrange fall in love with a good guy and have three kids. Do you know how many problems she had having babies with her disease? She went on knowing the problems but there she is, living with her husband and her three beautiful and healthy kids. Thank God.

I was thinking how simple my life is, my life as a simple healthy mortal. I take my life for granted simply I don't have such problems or any other and seems I can being lazy and waste my life in rubbish while other people, like my friend, know that never will see their dreams come true because their lives will be taken before mine. These people don't waste their lives on rubbish because they know the worth of living. Shame on me. What are you doing with your life? What are you thinking about your lifestyle?

I woke up every morning and I get mad at my husband or I can complain all day along about any rubbish because I'm sure enough that I'll have tomorrow for solving my problems. If I was like my friend, just open my eyes every morning would be put my kneel down and I would give thanks and thanks again and again. I would worth every argues with my husband and I would solve it instantly that very moment. I wouldn't get angry so easily for every rubbish around me and I would try to smile every minute. I would swat every negative thought, I would forgive without pride and in the end, my life would be better than is now.

Then, do I wish to get any disease? No, of course, I don't but I'd like to wake up every morning giving thanks for my life, kissing my husband until getting his frustration. I would do my best at everybody and put aside foolishness easily because to me, every day counts as if it was the last day of my life. I'm not meaning live the life in a bad way like contaminating my body or life my living in a selfish way. I mean, live my life giving and giving. Giving time to God and being thankful. Giving to my husband my love and watering it. Giving good thoughts to my family and friends. Giving love and breaking misunderstanding apart and helping the needed people. Without a doubt, we would all live better, without struggles, madness or living like a divided family.

Celebrate the life, but not just you. Encourage more people with you to celebrate the life but never in a selfish way. Be happy and make happiness.

Friday, December 8, 2017

It's winter.

 What treasure waits within Your scars
This gift of freedom gold can't buy
I bought the world and sold my heart
You traded heaven to have me again.

[Hillsong -Touch the sky]

It's winter here and too many things are happening in my life. New problems that it seems like old ones. I felt lonely and I wanted to give everything up. I didn’t  see myself pulling this time off. I didn’t  want to celebrate happy days, I was gloomy, I missed so much my family. I thought that if I didn’t have my family by my side I didn’t want to celebrate anything. I understood something, part of that family was with me already, so I was blind and I was watching the pain in my other part of my family. God remembers me again something important. I had my family right here, my loving husband will never abandon me but maybe I was who want to be apart from him because of my sadness. I had right reasons, I could celebrate whatever I wanted and that’s what I did. To celebrate my days with him and it was unforgettable and wonderful. I didn’t  think it could be like it was. God tore that veil covering my eyes and I saw it there, smiling me and led me again. 

It was to be a sad Christmas time, I didn’t even think about it. I was surrounded by problems more and more and I was disposed to forget every beautiful day. I was going to pretend that everything was okay, my face was reflecting my bad condition and I was taking everything for granted. After taking a good decision, in my opinion, this Christmas time will be almost perfect also my feelings are changing better and better and the more I think about my situation, the less I care about. What do I have a God for? He’s more powerful and smarter than me. I’d better let myself on his hand and trust more in who knows what is good for me. 

This Christmas time is going to be wonderful. I made new things, getting back things I used to love and not just inside my family, out of them something that I didn’t expect is holding me up. I think I like that. I changed the way I was seeing my life and now I’m seeing everything completely different. I see this month with God’s eyes and it seems something I want to hold always. It’s something that warms my heart. This year is about to finish but I’m starting something new again, something that I want to uphold near me. I’m not going to wish that I could live like this ever, I’m going to work for it, I could get used to this so that I don’t forget this feeling.  I’d rather think that God has something new for me for the next year. I love that and the same time I’m afraid for the unknown.   

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