Friday, February 16, 2018

Hidden Lies.

 Welcome once more, this is a new interesting tag for everyone and I would like to delve for I think it's very interesting for each human being. I want to talk and explain, in my humble opinion, what are those Hidden Lies that we have ever swallowed. 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Love finds you in Valentine ~Hallmark ~

 It seems the summer is coming back, bummer.
 If you ask me, I prefer reading alone.
 Try to read the label on the wrapped food. You'll get surprised.
 Today, I've got a bit headache
 Watching: Sabrina teenage witch 6ª season.

Kennedy Blaine, from the big city, inherits a ranch in the small town of Valentine. She doesn’t want that ranch and when she’s about to sell it decides to see it for herself first. There she’ll meet Dereck, an employee with his mother. In the ranch, Kennedy is going to learn more about her family, the tragedy about her mother, the secrets about those employees and the lies from some people around her.

Well, I think for the first time in a long time, this Hallmark movie I chose has a little intrigue, suspense. They’re smaller than you thought, but in any case, the other movies didn’t have any, so this is good for a change and quite apart from that, you know what’s going on next, it was interesting for once listen to the suspense music almost at the finish to the movie. It begins as fast as it gets finished but it's ok, I quit my complaints, it was really good and very different.

Love finds you in Valentine is a different movie also because it is in a different place. This movie set on a ranch with horses and cowboys (a handsome cowboy, by the way) and likely I was watching the Hallmark’s movies in the big or small cities. If this movie is set on a ranch, no doubt is quite different to me and on the other hand, I always loved the western movies, ok this movie it isn’t like that, but…  Ok, will you leave me alone, please! I’m kidding hehe.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Once you get married

I was thinking about you, about me and about our relationship and how the people after a few years being together they state that “Is normal get tired of loving the other beloved person” And I tilt my head and ask, why?

Friday, January 26, 2018

Good Witch season #1 {Hallmark}

 I'm enjoying my new thermo cup.
 And enjoying my new phone case, really beautiful.
 The weather is not clear yet.
 Watching: Sabrina teenage witch season 7

Cassie Nightingale is a young and beautiful widow. She has her own daughter, Grace plus two stepsons from her late husband. Cassie and Grace has a gift, they both have feelings about things which haven't happened yet. A new neighbor, a divorced man named Sam, arrives with his son and he's going to set a clinical medicine. Sam is drawn by Cassie and her "feelings"

Just what I said, the female main character is Cassie Nightingale, in the second place is her daughter Grace. We cannot say they are witches because they aren't but, a big but, they have "feelings", some kinds of feelings like, they know who is coming at their house before that person appears o like, someone goes at your store and even when he/she didn't say anything, Cassie gives him/her some sort of herb tea for his/her stomachache. Did you get it? Cassie and her daughter don't have powers like the superheroes on TV.

Cassie owns the store "Bell, book, and candle" and she is very keen of herb teas, a lot of different herbs for tea and creams... the whole town appreciates what Cassie does and at the beginning seem they don't need any doctor, why? they have their doctor, Cassie Nightingale, and her herbs. The new neighbour, just the next door of Cassie's house is the new doctor, Sam Radford and he is not happy with Cassie and her medicines. They'll have a little flip-flopping before get along.

In general, is a sweet series without special effects, without big whirls, and too many conversations with misunderstandings, but thank God, they are not too long, maybe two episodes before they are getting solved. They are so nice and the whole town, Middleton, seems nicer than I expected. I think I will go on with the next season and I'll tell you later.

Sam Radford, the doctor, the new neighbour and the divorced man has a big deal with his troublesome son. Father and son, argue too many times and Sam is about to find a big comfort on Cassie so, his back and forth at her house will be every time more and more recurrent until they get along very well.

Well, it seems less interesting, but this series brings up to me my memories of BBC period-dramas, and I guess it is why I like Good Witch.

Friday, January 19, 2018

~ A Ring by Spring ~ {Hallmark}

 One celebration after another.
 I think I'm made with birthday's cake...
 I'm not hungry anymore.
 I miss autumn...
 I want to know more.

Kare is a sweet girl with a boyfriend, eats with her parents and has her own house. One night with her friends, they meet a fortunate-teller and that woman will reveal things that could happen in the future. Step by step, those things are going to happen but with Karen, it seems there was some kind of mistake. Is she going to have her own wedding someday? what did the fortunate teller tell her for?

After those questions, Karen goes over her past relationships in order to ask herself, why those boyfriends broke up with her. Isn't she a marriage material? and she is not romantic. It seems when she was younger and read Romeo and Juliet, she didn't love at all the story and how Juliet threw her life away just for love if she had all life ahead. That's the start of Karen, like a wake-up call at her life and decide to talk to her ex-boyfriends why was the reason what they dumped her.
But there's someone new... someone different than the other guys and he will change Karen a little bit.

 What will happen? Ok, I think you and I know what is happening next. I have to say, I really, very really can't bear those little yells of excitement from that girl, sometimes I think that she is probably fooling. Those "Heeeeey" or "Hiiiiii" "I kwooooooon" with that grimace on her face. But apart of that, I enjoyed the movie.

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